Customs Services

We offer complete consultancy for Customs and procedure in Delhi NCR & Mumbai India. This includes advising, preparing, submission and obtaining the following benefits from the concerned regional licensing authorities:

Duty Drawbacks/Refunds

  • Claiming of Duty Drawback under Sec. 74 & 75 of Customs Act, 1962
  • Fixation of Brand Rate of DBK
  • Claiming of Refunds of EDD amount after finalization of SVB
  • Refund of Special Additional Duty (SAD)

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Special Valuation Branch (SVB)

Filing application for finalization of SVB by the Customs
  • Co-ordination with the customs department for finalization
  • Obtaining the SVB final order from the customs department
  • Assessment of provisional bill of entry and get finalized
  • Closure of PD Bond executed with the customs department
  • Preparation, submission and obtaining the refund of EDD amount paid from the customs department

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Authorized Economic Operator Program

What is AEO (Authorized Economic Operator?)

AEO is facilitation scheme i.e. holder of this certificate is entitled for certain privilege, benefits and exemption on account of import and export, In India, AEO certification is Three-Tier AEO (T1, T2, T3).This three tier certification is launched by Indian Customs Circular No. 33/2016 dated 22th July, 2016 (in suppression of Circulars No. 42/2005 dated 24.11.2005- old ACP scheme and Circulars No. 28/2012-Customs dated 16.11.2012- old AEO programme).

Now, Old ACP and OLD AEO is merged and resulted into three certification (T1, T2, T3) for importer and exporter and one other certificate namely (AEO-LO certificate) will be issued for other than importer and exporter such as Logistics Providers, Custodians or Terminal Operators, Customs Brokers and Warehouse Operators.

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Import Duty Calculator

Import Duty Calculator used in calculate your import duty and taxes in a few quick steps

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